10 Terrific Photoshop Car Tutorials

When it comes to computers and technology, my husband doesn't have everything figured out. Not even close. But when it comes to typical 'guy' things he is the master. Tools and tinkering are his trade.

While handyman tasks are his specialty, he's no slouch when it comes to automotive work either. From vintage snowmobiles to our beloved classic car he has proven he can dismantle and put together anything that goes "vroom", given enough time.

Thinking of him restoring old gems in his beloved garage, I thought it might be fun to show him how automotive work could translate into the world of technology.  My meander through Google turned up some rather fun tutorials, all geared (no pun intended) to cars. You can design a concept car, build a body, or even paint one.  Here's a sampling of 10 of my favourites:

Create a Futuristic Concept Car in Photoshop

Retouching Cars in Photoshop

Photoshop Car Colouring Tutorial

Chrome Your Car in Photoshop

Porsche Digital Rendering

Steampunk a Car

Design a 3D Smart Car

Flaming Car Tutorial

How to Virtually Tune a Car in Photoshop

Using Replace Colour to Respray a Car in Photshop Elements


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