2 Great Photo Collections for Back-to-School

As a parent, I found the whole back-to-school thing somewhat bittersweet.  The weeks leading into that first day back, after all, are the fading ones of summer. While the official date for the start of autumn might be weeks away, when the children return to the classroom even the weather seems to sense the shift. Nights are longer and cooler, daytime hours are less alive.

There were mixed feelings too on my side about the kids no longer being free to run through the house and outdoors with friends.  But on the plus side was the chance for this avid shopper to hit the malls in search of fall fashions for my kids, with the odd detour to do a little updating to mom's wardrobe as well, of course.

It was always an eagerly anticipated outing for all of us, with lunch out and bags and bags of trendy new clothes. Shopping for books and other essential educational sundries wasn't quite as entertaining but I did find it a welcome diversion from clothing retailers and their blaring youth-friendly music periodically.

Encouraging parents to get their tots fashion and supply ready for back-to-school is tops on the minds of merchants these days and finding great photos to promote this time of year is as essential to them as the shopping is to parents. Here are some awesome education images to get your projects, whether commercial or personal, started:

iPHOTOS Back-to-School Photos

Clipart.com Back-to-School Photos


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