5 Great Resources for Back-to-School Clipart

While weeks of summer are still before us, the hints that autumn is not all that far away are evident.

Twilight nights are cooling, dawning morns seem a little reluctant to break.  Birdsong still provides the soundtrack of our days, but the music is more sporadic, less cheerful somehow.  Grass is slower to grow, sun not quite as intense.

As harbingers of summer drawing to a close, these signs also remind that youngsters and youths will soon be heading back to the classrooms for another year of school.  Rather than playgrounds and swimming pools, it's the malls and downtowns that will be filling with parents and kids as they prepare for the coming term.  Retailers are heralding their 'back-to-school'  news of savings and discounts on items and apparel to get tots and teens fashionable and armed with all of the necessary tools.

To create the best promotional materials for advertising sales and specials, designers turn to clipart resources. Here are just some of the wonderful back-to-school collections available:




ClickArt Online

Acclaim Images


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