5 Great Resources for Entertaining Images

Every year, in the summer, communities come to life with various music events. The warm weather draws people to outdoor venues where they can tap to  lively fiddles or  bounce to blazing guitars.  There are genres to appeal to every taste — jamborees under country skies,  blues and jazz festivals in downtown streets and classical concerts in park bandshells.

This past weekend was the time for an outdoor event that my husband and I have attended for many years, a blues festival in an urban centre a short drive away from our hometown.  Joining an estimated 150,000 others over the course of three days to listen to dozens of artists,  we wandered from site to site enjoying great music under sunny summer skies.

But as a dedicated people watcher, with so many others around me, you can be sure when I'm there that I'm looking almost as much as I'm listening.  One of the things that caught my attention was all of the t-shorts being sported,  nostalgic ones have concerts gone by and ones created for this particular event. Working in the image business, I was also interested in the images that had been used in the designs of each.

Any time there's an event, there are promotional materials and products to go along with it, whether it's your favourite band's entourage selling them in the lobby or they're posted on walls and in media to advertise. Creating the projects begins with wonderful graphics, which can be found online. With music on my mind here are some great sources for entertaining images:

Clipart.com Music Images

iCLIPART.com Music Images

Acclaim Images Music

ClipartGuide Music Images

ClickArt Online Music Clipart


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