850 Fun Animations of Children

Having given a lot of time this week to kids of all ages and how to photograph them, it seemed a good idea to turn my mind to images. However, thinking of them in terms of static clipart just wasn't working for me.

It's the ability of children to look at everything with curiousity, to come at things full of  excitement, to take on life full tilt which makes them such popular subjects for photography. What's probably most wonderful about photographing children is how animated they can be. There is always movement, always ever-changing expressions on beautiful faces. Eyes widen, mouths laugh and moue.

In taking pictures of my grandchildren I often find myself distracted by the antics caused by the abandon, by the innocence and wonder which are part and parcel of being a kid. Having settled in to photograph whatever they might be doing,  I will suddenly realize that I have unconsciously lowered the camera to simply watch.

Kids are indeed spellbinding. So genuine in their approach to everything, so content and carefree, they are guaranteed to captivate. Oddly, even asleep, they draw our attention.

But it is the movement and energy that are the most fun. A rare adult can be described as animated; with children it's generally a given.  So, as static just doesn't cut it when we talk about illustrations of kids, here's  a great collection from AnimationFactory that's a perfect tribute to those bundles of energy.


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