Over 600 Entertainment Animations

Animations have become one of the most popular ways to add visual entertainment to what would otherwise be boring presentations and communications.  Sure, static images also enhance simple text, but there's something about animated clipart that is sure to elicit a smile.

Whether it's PowerPoints, eGreetings or a simple email to a friend, if you're looking for a way to make these things a little more fun, you might want to consider giving animations a try. They will highlight your message and make it a little more interesting.

For anyone searching out quality animations to include in their commercial or personal projects, there are great resources online, such as AnimationFactory —  a subscription service for everything from clipart to HD video backgrounds. The possibilities are endless with something for everyone and every theme. 

So as adding entertainment to your work by using animations was the focus of this blog,  here then is a collection that's full of entertaining animations to go along with it:

Entertainment Animations


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