Terrific Tips for Photographing Children

No matter what the age group there can be challenges when photographing people. There are the dour visages of the elderly, the stiff grins and self-conscious posing of adults, the vogueing of capricious teens or glumness of moody ones.

Contending with children, however, is something else indeed. Newborns, though pliable and generally accommodating to any setting, though photogenic to the nth degree,  need props and lots of ingenuity to bring something new to each shot.

Conversely, toddlers, while completely adorable, can be uncooperative and moody.  They can be shy, difficult to coax into a smile or away from their parent. Or, on the flip side, they are boundless energy, difficult to keep in one position for any length of time.

Probably one of the least problematic is the pre-schooler — still with an ingenuous charm that's beyond photogenic, but with enough maturity to understand direction. While exuberance is still there in abundance it can be reined in —  not enough to take away the personality, but enough to get the job done. That said, they too, of course, can have their moments. They are kids, after all.

As with any type of photography, getting great pictures of youngsters isn't as easy as experts make it appear.  These sites offer helpful advice on how it's done:

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