Tips for Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

The entertainment industry is all about smoke and mirrors.

The bold and the beautiful are made up and airbrushed to perfection, with skin smooth as satin and not a wisp of hair out of place. In their photographs, there is only agelessness.  Even the few older celebrities who have not become plastic surgeon junkies seem to have avoided Father Time when we see them in pictures.

Accomplished makeup artists and hairstylists are only part of the equation. Let's face it, the rich and famous must love Photoshop, in which every leftover line or dark circle can be smoothed away or brightened.

What's also nice about image editing software such as this, however, is that it at least evens the playing field somewhat for us normal folk.  Sure, we know that living up to ideals isn't necessary, that we need only to be happy in our own skin. But, everyone likes to look as good as they can. While we may not have stylists and aestheticians at our disposal to smooth away reality,  we can take away the years a bit in our pictures. We too can be blemish free, lifted and lightened without scrapes or surgery. No botox is necessary to plump a lip, no expensive salon treatment to peel away dead skin.

Here are some great tutorials to show you how:

Five-Minute Portrait Retouch

Retouching Portrait Training Tutorials

YouTube Portrait Retouching Tutorial

Then, after you know how to give yourself a virtual facelift, you can have even more fun checking out a few celebrity before and afters. Good to see that some of them are human too.

23 Celebrities Before and After Photoshop

Stars and Celebrities Before and After Photoshop


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