2 Photo Collections of Autumn Leaves

One of the nicest moments of my daily walk to work at this time of year, is that one when I turn east down a charming tree-lined street. Rising sun pokes pinpricks of beaming light through the dewy leaves, now turning vibrant shades of red, orange and gold. It is, as I've heard said,  pretty as a picture.

I really can't think of a more positive way to start the day. While a lot of the credit for the spectacle must go to the cheery sunlight, there's little doubt that it wouldn't be the same without the beautiful foliage causing refracted rays to bounce through the shady canopy.

Autumn leaves are what makes this particular season what it is. The depth and range of the colours we see are a seasonal treat. So for today's collections from iPHOTOS.com and Clipart.com I've  tried to find as many photographs as I could that give credit where credit is due, to the leaves themselves, not the countryside, not nearby buildings or people. Enjoy the beauty.

Photos of Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves Photos


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