3 Collections of Beautiful Landscape Photos

Walking through the woods on my daughter's country property recently was a big sigh in the middle of a busy life. There's nothing like getting away from all things technological and taking in 'natural' entertainment to rejuvenate and refresh.

Strolling the winding trail back through open fields provided an open view of rolling pasture and distant trees. Once we came to the wooded area, we were enclosed in a landscape of flora and fauna, where amidst the tall trees and saplings,  tiny brooks and dense scrub provided comfort and security for skittish little wildlife.

Later, over dinner on the patio in the early twilight hours we were treated to the emerging crimson glow of  what was to become a glorious sunset. Then with darkness upon us, we circled 'round the campfire. With stars twinkling above, we looked across wide open spaces to the sparkling lights of the nearby city.

Landscapes are nature's works of art, equal to anything in a gallery and most certainly better than anything you can view on a television screen these days.  Whether above or around us, close up or far away, winter, spring, summer or fall,  the beauty of creation is picture perfect. Should proof be needed it can be found in these collections of wonderful photos of landscapes from iPHOTOS.com LandscapesClipart.com Landscape Photos and Acclaim Images Landscape Photos.


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