3 Sources for Beautiful Landscape Photos

Saturday was one of those perfect days, full of accomplished tasks, yet somehow incredibly relaxing.  My time was spent in the kitchen but with no commitments otherwise, all of the baking, cooking and cleaning up were worthy, but mindless activities.

The afternoon ended with a cupboard full of yummy stuff and a quiet drink with my hubby. One of our favourite things in pleasant weather is to sit on our deck and enjoy the view from our backyard. Though we live in an urban area, we are fortunate to have a relatively unobstructed view of the neighbouring countryside. It is green grass and blue sky, nights of sunsets and starry skies.

From our backyard we can see all of the changes that come with each season. Windblown drifts of fluffy white give rise and fall to the landscape in winter. In storms we watch, protected in the warmth of our home, as the snow flies across the expanse of field, carried on gusts of chilled winds. 

Spring brings the greening of the grass and cavorting of little creatures. Squirrels frolic, birds flit while trees and gardens begin to bloom. The summer shows us lush foliage and a distant cornfield below a temperamental sky, that of blazing sun, ominous clouds and dreary showers.

As autumn makes it way to us, the landscape changes yet again with crimson, saffron, gold and orange replacing the verdant lushness of before. Cornstalks brown and geese fly overhead. And then, we once again find ourselves looking out from inside at a world turned white.

Seasons will typically dictate what we are looking for when a landscape photo is needed for artwork, whether it's personal use or for business. Here are some beautiful examples from  iPHOTOS.com , Clipart.com and Acclaim Images


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