5 Tutorials For Boosting Fall Colours in Photoshop

To paraphrase lyricist Jacques PrĂ©vert, the falling leaves drift by the window and their shades of red and gold are spectacular.  Even more so, however, when they are still clustered overhead creating a colourful canopy of brilliant foliage.

For photographers, autumn provides an opportunity for lovely landscape shots and a beautiful backdrop for portraits.  The vibrant hues when in first glow are nature's grandest statement.  They are an inducement to grab a camera and head to the countryside. 

As it is with any type of photograph, however, doing them justice does require some technical expertise.  And even the best don't always come out quite as vivid as you remember them being when you were standing in awe at their impressive spectacle.

Enter Photoshop, and the ability nowadays to make even the dreariest picture pop. Here are some tips from a variety of sources on how to get the most out of your autumn leaf photography, after the fact:

Enhancing Fall Colours in Photoshop

Digital Camera World's 6 Steps to Enhance Autumn Colours in Photoshop

ePhotozine Make Your Autumn Shades Brighter in Photoshop

Tweak Autumn Tones in Photoshop

Give Fall Foliage Pictures a Boost


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