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Like me, you might not enjoy seeing the end of summer, the shortening days, the changing leaves. But as we look to these harbingers of autumn we can also be reminded that that season too comes with its blessings and highs.

While we tend to think of the dog days as a time to relax and rejuvenate, to travel and tour, to party and play, autumn, particularly in its early weeks is a bevy of activity and celebration. The fall harvest gives us occasion to  enjoy the bounty. Communities and visitors come together for the annual fairs,  events to show off one's green thumb or agricultural know-how. 

There are holidays to enjoy too. The season is the time of Thanksgiving where we count our blessings, where food and family are the highlights. The end of October is most anticipated by youngsters and the young at heart as out come the ghosts, goblins and assorted other strange creatures for Halloween.

As we gather our stores for the upcoming winter, we enjoy the beauty that autumn provides too with trees creating a colourful palette overhead. There's nothing more perfect than a drive into the countryside on a fall day to leaf watch. It's not just an activity for seniors either, as it was on a pleasant October day with autumn trees in full bloom while out driving with my then boyfriend, that he mentioned how beautiful things were and suggested this was the time of year we should be married. Taking this as a proposal, I jumped. Yes, fall would have been nice but I'd been waiting long enough.  We were wed the next May. 

Certainly, the nights are longer and there is a new crispness to the air as we head into autumn. But there are also so many pleasures. Who doesn't love watching little kids, and occasionally big ones, running through the fallen leaves? Strolling along the roads and trails there is the soothing crunch as we step on those already dried.  A walk in the woods is a treat for the eyes and exercise for body and soul.

The images of autumn are full of colour and life, from children at play to the world they play in. To prove it, here are some wonderful fall clipart collections:

Clipart.com Autumn Images

Acclaim Images Autumn Clipart

iCLIPART.com Autumn

ClickArt Online Autumn Images

ClipartGuide Autumn Images

TOONClipart Autumn Cartoons


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