754 Awesome Autumn Leaf Animations

"Time does not pass, it continues," says author Marty Rubin.

It does indeed move on, no matter how much we would like it to slow down. There's little doubt, however, that the majority of us, while somewhat overwhelmed by the speed with which time travels forth,  are happy to be part of the continuance.

Autumn, of all of the seasons, is the one that best exemplifies to me this feeling of time passing. There is something in the leaves which compels me to accept that another year is moving on. 

Winter we tolerate, spring we anticipate, summer we enjoy. But in autumn change transforms mood. We find pleasure first in their changing colours, then look on with a degree of sadness as they fade and fall.

Keeping in mind the idea of motion and time as it continues, it seemed appropriate to post this collection of autumn leaf images from AnimationFactory.  It includes everything you might need for projects from clipart, to PowerPoint and HD video backgrounds.


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