Animations Add Fun and Interest to Projects

Animations are fun. They add a little personality to emails, some humour and interest to PowerPoints and web designs.

In looking at sites such as AnimationFactory, I've been pleasantly surprised at the diversity of images available.  No matter what topic is being covered, what mood is being conveyed,  there are generally options that appeal to my taste, the style and the tone of the project. It's been my experience, that whether your goal is to achieve something cutesy or businesslike, it doesn't take long to find the right animation.

However, when it came to searching for landscape animations, I wasn't sure what the results might be. With the exception of a waterfall or babbling brook, Mother Nature's artwork tends to be relatively static. Yet, there are times, particularly if you are looking for something inspirational, when these types of images are what would suit the best.

So I set myself to the task and though the search results weren't as abundant as  those from other quests,  they were adequate given that when looking for an image of nature, one tends to be as perfect as another. 

If you have the place for an animation in your projects and have never tried one before, I'd encourage you to take a look around. I suspect you'll like what you see.


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