Create Landscapes in Photoshop and Illustrator

When you look for the perfect backdrop for text a landscape will often fit the bill just perfectly. From sunsets to mountains and lakes, Mother Nature has provided us with some impressive subjects. Whether it's for inspiration or impact,  these types of images can set the mood by conveying a sense of power or freedom.

Though real-life depictions through photography are perhaps the most often used, illustrations of landscapes can set a completely different tone. And, unlike running out to grab a picture, creating your own project in an image editing program allows you to take on the role of Mother Nature. After all, why go looking for the perfect setting when you can do it yourself? 

Cast sunlight down on snow-capped mountains. Plant daisies in a meadow. Float ducks in a pond. Cover a country lane with the shade of lush maple trees.

It gives new meaning to 'landscape designer'.  Here then are some great tutorials to get you started, including some that let you put your personal spin on a nature photo:

Create a Stunning Surreal Landscape

Create Custom Landscapes in Photoshop

Create a Middle Earth-Inspired Landscape

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Create a Landscape in Photoshop

Create a Detailed Lighthouse Landscape in Illustrator

A Simple Landscape Scene in Illustrator

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Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls


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