Free Autumn Leaf Photoshop Brushes

When it comes to creating a project with images I am fairly content that my talents can at least produce a passable design. Taking an illustration or photograph and adding text in an aesthetically pleasing way is about as far as I've taken my Photoshop abilities, though.

There are so many features available in the software that I'm a tad chagrined to admit I've never utilized most of them. Perhaps I can put it down to my less than adventurous spirit.  I have a tendency to stick to what I know, to go with the familiar.

I'm always intrigued, however, by how things are done. As a result I'm gradually becoming more interested in at least knowing the what and how, even if I'm not ready to give it a try myself.

Familiar with the basic brush tools I was curious then about the other brushes available. Having read that an important part of helping users improve upon the work they are doing is by upgrading the brushes, and with autumn on the brain, I thought I'd do a little searching to see what's available for people to make their fall foliage even better.  Here's what I found:

Brusheezy Autumn Leaves

Smashingapps 19 Free Photoshop Leaf Brush Sets

Brushlovers Autumn Leaves

Best Design Options 300+ Leaf and Vines Brushes


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