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You don't live where I live and not think about agriculture. Especially this time of year.

A drive around the countryside on a beautiful afternoon this past weekend was a reminder that harvest is upon us soon. Vast cornfields, acres of beans and the odd pumpkin patch or crop of sunflowers stand in final glory before the season of bounty is celebrated.

Speckled in between is the usual assortment of livestock, as varied as what can be expected in an area that boasts agriculture as its number one industry.  Large barns house pigs and poultry, while sheep, beef cattle, dairy cows, horses, and even the occasional herd of llama graze wide open spaces.

Connecting large towns, small villages and tiny hamlets are miles and miles of land where factory farms rule,  but a few quaint barns still hang on.

In all of my decades on this earth, there have only been a few years spent in a large urban centre.  Small-town  and the surrounding countryside are my home. Living here it's difficult not to appreciate the industry. From the time I was little, sharing summer adventures during vacations on the farm with my cousin,  to my two-decade tenure as  editor of our local newspaper covering agricultural-related topics and meetings, images of life on the farm are what's familiar.

This is the time of year to celebrate agriculture and the people who bring us our food. Here then is a pictorial tribute: Agriculture Photos Agriculture Photos Agriculture Pictures

Acclaim Images Agriculture


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