Lovely Autumn Leaves Illustrations

Nothing says autumn like the changing leaves.  Just overnight they seemed to have begun their transformation from the rich verdant hue we enjoy sitting beneath on muggy summer days, to the bold shades of crimson, gold and orange that enliven treetops before saying their final farewell.

You don't have to be a fan of fall to appreciate the beauty of the foliage at this time of year. Bundle up against the new chill wind and you can soon lose yourself the spectacle. Walks through the countryside and woods are the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and the new palette that's been created.

It's fun to kick through the leaves, hearing the rustle of the freshly-fallen, the crunch of those long gone. Adults might not always appreciate the foliage's demise, but for youngsters autumn leaves provide hours of outdoor fun as they flop into, and hide under, the raked piles.

It's a pretty time,  a fun time, advantageous when you are in need of images for an autumn-themed project. Here are some wonderful autumn leaf illustrations from two online graphics suppliers, perfect for everything from web design to bake sale flyers:


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