Over 125 Awesome Autumn Animations

The passing of time is often compared to the seasons — spring being the time of rebirth and awakening, summer that of full bloom. In autumn, like middle-age, things are changing,  vital yet, but with hints to show we're clearly moving towards something alternately quiet and fading, raging and dynamic.

For now, fall is on its way in the northern hemisphere. When one thinks of things brimming with life, that season doesn't typically come to mind.  Streets are quiet as the children have returned to school and the day's darkness descends earlier. Robins no longer flit across the lawn in search of food, having begun their exodus to warmer climates.  There is a definite stillness to things that isn't there in summer.

That doesn't mean, however, that everything is static. There is no more action to be found any time of year than in a Canadian hockey rink as players lace up and fans return for the first season's play.  On television and in the field football is a religion for die-hards.  And nature lovers are eager to step out in the crisp autumn air and enjoy the leafy canopy of kaleidoscopic movement and colour. 

There are pumpkin patches to explore and the subsequent carving.  Halloween brings out trick-or-treaters, Thanksgiving food and families.

Like middle age, autumn may not have the energy of the youthful seasons, but it's not about to fade away without some glorious bursts of enthusiasm.  So if static doesn't cut it for you when you're looking for animations to highlight this bountiful season there are great ones to be found at AnimationFactory


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