Tips for Autumn Photography

With three new additions to our clan this year, the time has come, albeit a little sooner than we had planned, for updating the  family photos.  Chronicling our group's growth, in size and numbers, has typically been done on a three-year cycle. We've bumped it up a year, however, so that I can see those precious new faces among the rest of the ones I love in the portraits on the wall.

What won't be changing is the time of year we have chosen for our pictures. Since our babies were babies, our family photo sessions have happened in the autumn, when nature couldn't be more beautiful.  A riot of crimson, orange, gold and yellow, the fall foliage provides a perfect backdrop as well as inspiration for the colour scheme in co-ordinating fashion. 

Though you do take a chance with the weather; roughly eight photo sessions, and only one in sunshine;  that can happen in any season.

Besides, in autumn you miss the bugs and muggy humidity that comes with summer and the still not fully awake landscape of spring. Winter? Well, the challenges there are obvious.

So whether it's portraiture or just tackle Mother Nature autumn gives a photographer about us much help as one could hope for. Here are some suggestions to make the results even better:

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