Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos

When it comes to grabbing my camera and taking pictures it's typically because one of my kids or grandchildren are in the vicinity. Those much-loved faces are my favourite subjects and there are few moments of their life, when in my company, that I don't want to capture for posterity.

Every once in a while though, I find myself looking towards a sunset or across the countryside and am compelled to add a landscape photo to my collection. One true source of inspiration, after visiting the area a few years ago for our daughter's wedding, is the beautiful French River in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Since then, our annual vacations there have produced some of the most amazing photographs. I say this with the utmost humility as  I take little credit.  With azure skies, verdant foliage and miles of clear waters, if I couldn't get a good picture I believe it would be time to turn my head towards a different hobby. However,  to be honest, while I'm  quite pleased with the result of my landscape photography there,  if I hadn't been lazy and relied so much on the subject material for a great shot there are some images I know could have been better.

Just because a landscape is beautiful doesn't mean it comes with a guarantee that a photo you take will do it justice. Just as a good artist with no schooling may paint a beautiful landscape, a little tutoring, a little attention to detail will help improve the results.  As with any type of photography there are elements, from composition to lighting to consider.

These tips then are intended to help you take your landscape photos to the next level:

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