150 Fun Thanksgiving Animations

When families get together one word that usually describes the occasion is fun. With relatives typically living at greater distances these days than in our ancestors time, the moments when we are given a reason to gather are a chance to catch up and to re-establish the bond that makes us family.

My kids don't live too far apart, but far enough that leading busy lives means they aren't seeing each other on a weekly basis. When they were children growing up under the same roof, their personalities and idiosyncracies didn't always make for a conflict-free environment. As a parent watching, or often refereeing from the sidelines,  it was easy to see though that behind the frustrations and antagonisms lay a deep bond, strengthened by love, similarities and the kind of understanding of one another that only comes with a long-standing familiarity and the ties of blood.

Now, with space to help them ignore what drove them nuts back then, when they see each other  the time is usually spent in conversation and laughter.  For this mom there is no greater pleasure than watching them enjoying each other's company, their faces alive and animated as they share stories, offer support and look for the humour in every situation.

This Monday, in Canada is Thanksgiving. It is a celebration of the blessings and traditions of the season,  one of them being family together having fun. As animations, to my mind,  probably add the most entertainment value to a project, it seemed fitting then to highlight this collection of Thanksgiving images from AnimationFactory.


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