244 Spooky Animations for Halloween Fun

While Halloween doesn't fall on my list of favourite holidays to celebrate, I have a modicum of appreciation for people who get into the spirit of the occasion. The haunted houses, the witches that greet little trick-or-treaters at their door, the massively decorated homes with stereophonic shrieks and howls emanating from within, certainly grab my attention.

The effort is obviously appreciated too as these are the places where tots converge en masse. With shivers in their giggles they respond to the spooky aura and spine-tingling atmosphere that's been created with delighted, albeit nervous, glee.  While there might be a hesitancy to their step, you know too there is eager anticipation as they await any chills and thrills promised by the sights and sounds around.

I've tried on occasion to add a little more enthusiasm in welcoming tiny ghouls and goblins to my porch. With cackle and sneer I've greeted them at the door in full hag attire (no, not the usual). I've laced wispy phantoms from the walls, hung skeletons in windows and piped creepy music through open windows. One year my then teenage son and a friend dressed up in coveralls and hard hats and sat in silence on the front porch, heads bowed, baskets of candy on their laps, waiting to see who would be brave enough to approach.

It was fun, in retrospect. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be much incentive to get me into the Halloween spirit in time to prepare. Usually, it's just a rushed trip to the store for goodies a few days ahead. I wondered if infusing a little of the excitement and entertainment value of the event into some of my personal projects and messages in these days leading up to Halloween might spark that necessary enthusiasm.  I think this fun collection from AnimationFactory is a treat that just might do the trick


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