3 Collections of Cute Children and Pets Illustrations

It was a pleasant fall evening last Friday, as we headed into our Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada.  Despite the promise of temperatures dropping below freezing, my husband was struck by the notion that it would be a great chance for the last campfire of the season.

So, as dark descended I found myself outside on a crisp autumn night, bulky in winter clothes, bundled in blankets, facing the warmth of a cheery blaze. Prepared for the less than balmy temperatures, it was actually not the least unpleasant and we enjoyed a quiet drink and conversation while listening to and watching the hypnotic crackle and dance of the flames.  The only difference between this fire and those held in the summer was the fact that no one joined us. Lights glowed from neighbours' homes, but none ventured forth to brave the elements with us.

Well, almost no one. A friendly, little cat, which seemed to have lost its way,  decided to befriend us. It spent the duration of the fire hanging out with us, curling up on first one lap, then the other, spreading warmth too with its cuddling and soothing purr.

Knowing that our animal-besotted granddaughter would be with us for Thanksgiving dinner in a few days, we both expressed our hope that this little ball of fluff would stop by for another visit with her.

Our wish came true and for a bit of time that day we were able to enjoy the enchanting sight of a small child delighted by the presence of a pet. He ran, she followed; she ran, he chased; he stopped, she petted.  And the look on her face while it was all happening was beyond heartwarming.

With these images still fresh in my mind as I headed back to work today and this blog, it seemed that bringing attention to illustrations of children with pets was appropriate. I hope you enjoy these nice collections from iCLIPART.com, Clipart.com and Acclaim Images


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