384 Awesome Dog Animations

It has always been, and will forever be, a strange thing to me that there are actually people who prefer cats over dogs, including my two daughters. Having grown up around pooches their preference puzzles me. 

Perhaps it's the mystery of the feline that attracts — their aloofness, their grace and agility, their insouciant response to  humans.  While they might be the most elegant of pets,  they seem to me to lack the personality of their canine counterparts.  Sure, kittens are cute and can be quite playful, but there's a dignity to their demeanour that precludes the same kind of shenanigans that made them so endearing.

Dogs on the other hand have personality out the wazoo. It's not beneath them to be foolish right up to the end. When they're pleased they show it with full abandon.  Our Ani, even when stricken with cancer, still did the happy dance whenever someone, friend or stranger, showed up at the door.  On the last day of her life, my husband and I took her out for a walk, and despite pain and discomfort she frolicked like a child let loose outdoors after a week of rain.

Dogs can be full of charm and crazy antics.  Our puggle neighbour has a yen for hot dogs and loves to bob for treats. My niece's golden has never met a stick it didn't hate.  Seeing one he launches an attack that rivals a mixed martial arts display. Then there is the office mascot here is a big baby of a golden, who just happens to be a huge fan of movies and TV. Provided there are no wild animals or bad guys, that is.

So, while cats are enigmatic, dogs are, to me,  all of the things you want in a friend — loyalty, unconditional love, devotion and fun.  They are animated, full of personality and movement.  Just like this great collection from  AnimationFactory.


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