4 Thanksgiving Photoshop Tutorials

In the cold white north, or the cool, gloriously coloured reality that is Canada this time of year, we are looking ahead to our Thanksgiving weekend. On Monday, families nation-wide will gather together around tables laden with the bounty of this wonderful country to consider their blessings. 

They are many in this amazing place, rich as it is in diversity, culture and resources. Thus, the images that surround this holiday are worthy of joy and celebration.

There is the  bounteous food — roast turkey with all the trimmings, pumpkin and apple pie—  the love of family, expressions of faith and gratitude, the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Experiencing them is what we all look forward to as we anticipate this special holiday and its rituals.

For Photoshop users, who want to create their own illustrations for festive projects, there are many ways to define these traditional holiday rituals and facets. From drawing a roast turkey to sending a greeting there are many ways to capture the mood and spirit of  Thanksgiving creatively. Here are some suggestions on tutorials you might want to try:

Create a Happy Thanksgiving Message

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

How to Paint a Turkey

How to Make a Pumpkin


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