600 Wonderful Food Animations

Being alive is about movement and vitality.  What excites us most in the people we are around are energy and personality.

But let's face it. While static can be boring in people, there are things in this world that we don't want to see moving.  Food for instance.  Unless you're on a reality show, living in some uncivilized country, or find yourself lost in the wilderness,  the food you choose will be as inanimate as Grandpa after Thanksgiving turkey.

There are times of course, when bringing a static image to life is all about entertainment. Just as a person full of energy attracts your attention, in web design and emails animations provide a unique level of visual interest.

Given that food has been the theme of this week's missives,  and that typically I reserve one day for finding animations to suit, I recognized that there were many businesses, from restaurants and bakeries, to groceries and gourmet speciality shops, looking for food on the move.

These wonderful images from AnimationFactory put food into action.


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