Hundreds of Delectable Dessert Photos

I can't help myself.  The Halloween treats are sitting on the counter ready for Friday's action. The countdown to Christmas will begin soon afterward, and with it the planning to get all of the baking done between regular working hours.

Food is therefore on my mind, and while I know at this point in my life all thoughts should be on eating well – less sugar, fewer carbs, and more and more fruits, vegetables and proteins, I do love junk.

I am cognizant of the power of leafy greens, of the anti-oxidant value in certain berries.  I know that a Mediterranean diet is good for my heart, that fewer desserts are better for, well, just about everything.

But I am my father's daughter, the man with the sweetest tooth in history and a cast-iron stomach for all things bad for you. Through 90 years he enjoyed pretty much any food you put in front of him and savoured every bit of it — especially desserts.  A plate of Christmas cookies didn't stand a chance in his presence.

Granted, he was one of the lucky ones, able to indulge his cravings with little effect to his health. And I, who inherited that sweet tooth of his,  can only hope that I got a few of the other genes as well.

So, not that I mean to lead anyone into temptation or anything,  but with yummy treats on my mind these days,  it seemed appropriate to share some of those images with you. Enjoy these delectable photo collections from and Acclaim Images


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