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This time of year it seems I have food on the brain. First there was Thanksgiving, with all of its fixings, held annually as a celebration of all of life's blessings, among them the bounty of a rich and abundant harvest.

As well, there are several family birthdays in this season, which, are, of course, accompanied by munchies, dinners out and cake to honour the special celebrants. 

Halloween rounds out October with accumulations of decadent chocolate and sugary sweet treats. When they were young, our  kids' haul was eagerly anticipated by my husband, who saw it as the perfect opportunity to teach them the importance of sharing.  Now, with babies long grown, the best he can do is hope that we bought enough to outlast the trick-or-treating, leaving him with plenty of leftovers.

Finally, over the course of the next few weeks I will start putting my mind to the baking required for our family Christmas and the social activities in the days leading up to it.

So yes, these days I think a lot about food. Sadly, most of it isn't anything all that good for me. As someone who could be happy eating nothing but snack food,  I have to make a concious effort to  eat healthily. 

Which shows exactly how pathetic my eating habits are. After all, it's certainly not as if there aren't plenty of things out there these days encouraging us to choose the right foods. It's not just about a well-balanced diet, plentiful in fruits and vegetables. Today we are educated in what foods help fight disease and contribute to overall health.  And they are all featured in these collections of illustrations: Healthy Foods Health Foods

Acclaim Images Healthy Foods

ClickArt Online Healthy Foods

ClipartGuide Healthy Foods


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