Tips for Great Halloween Photos

Take trick-or-treating out of the equation and the real fun of Halloween is in the images that surround it. Nothing is more visually entertaining than a home transformed into a place suitable for haunting, each meticulous detail designed to chill and thrill, 

Then there are tiny hands helping carve impressive pumpkins, while special treats — candy apples, iced cookies and caramel corn — are prepared for little trick-or-treaters. Of course, there are the children themselves, faces alive with excitement during the preparations,  completely charming dressed in adorable costumes for the big night around town. 

For photography buffs, it's a great opportunity for some terrific pictures, full of colour and personality.  With an endless supply of subject material inspiration should be easy to find. If you need a little help, though,  there are always plenty of expert tips to be found online. Here's a sampling:

Digital Photography School Halloween Photography Tips

NY Institure of Photography Take Great Halloween Photos

Kodak Tips for Halloween Photography Halloween Photography

Digital Photo Secreat Tips for Great Halloween Photography Tips for Halloween Pictures


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