Tips for Taking Great Thanksgiving Photos

This weekend I will be spending most of my days in the kitchen preparing for the arrival of my children, their spouses and kids, to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving.

It is a time to count blessings and for me there is probably none greater than that of family. I am grateful every day for my terrific husband, my sons and daughters, their health and happiness.

Then there are the wee ones. I heard about it, but until it happened didn't realize that the delight found in the arrival of grandchildren is more than one can imagine. The infusion of new blood into a family is exhilarating,  a constant reminder of how much joy there can be in life.

So, with each Thanksgiving, I celebrate this wonderful group of people who have, in my eyes, given reason to my existence. Part of that celebration involves photos of course and between basting the turkey, setting the table and all the other chores that accompany a get-together, I do my best to get some good pictures that exemplify what they and they're being with me means.

The think is, though, there have been a lot of these get-togethers. Coming up with something fresh, something unique is a bit of a challenge.  Hopefully, these tips will help inspire me:

Take Great Thanksgiving Photos

How to Capture Thanksgiving With Your Camera

Thanksgiving Photo Tips

5 Tips for Great Thanksgiving Photos

How to Take Thanksgiving Photos


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