4 Collections of Illustrations for the Coffee Lover

Let's meet for a coffee. Care to join me for a coffee? Can I get you a coffee?

It's the drink that kicks off our day, that revs our engines and snaps us out of our lethargy. It's perfect for a break, accompanied by a muffin or doughnut, and goes well with dessert to finish off a meal. 

But besides being a favoured beverage, coffee's also a social event. It's a reason for people to stop in the middle of a day and meet with a friend. Let's face it, no one ever says, let's get together and have a glass of water, or a pop.  When it comes to daytime socializing, coffee is the 'buzz'word.  And if the opportunity to share time with a friend isn't enough to entice you to the cup of java, the compelling fragrance has to be.

There is a store in a nearby urban centre that I love going in because it's aromatic. I have searched for the coffee-scented candles or fragrance diffuser to no avail. It was only after asking that I was learned the secret was the trendy coffee boutique next door.  The delicious smell was all because of them and the vents and cracks that allowed it to seep through the walls.

From the 1960s beatnik coffee house, to Tim Horton's, to the designer brews synonymous with Seattle chains such as Starbucks,  to the internet caf├ęs,  coffee has become a cultural trend.  A quick look at a clipart site will turn up thousands of related illustrations, perfect for all kinds of purposes, from menus and promotions to invitations.  Here, for example, are  collections from iCLIPART.comClipart.comAcclaim Images and TOONClipart.


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