Create a Winter Wonderland in Photoshop

It might be a few weeks yet until we reach the solstice, but there's no doubt if you are living in some places that winter has arrived.  Buffalo, NY was buried under several feet of snow on Tuesday, while parts of Ontario  suffered through a sudden dump of fluffy, white stuff accompanied by high winds to help push it all around.

It's a scene than most of us could probably live without. Yet, there are those for whom nothing but a picture of winter will do. Perhaps it's  a winter wonderland photo they need for an annual Christmas greeting or for a calendar. Many businesses as well prefer images of ice and snow, whether to use for them for promotional material or to set a mood.  For example, ski resorts advertise often before snow arrives; chalets and lodges prefer winter landscapes to grace their walls as a reminder of what there is to enjoy there in the peak season.

So if it's pictures of  Old Man Winter you need and you're sitting under a tropical sun, sipping pina coladas,  or living in one of those more temperate northern climes where you patiently wait for a skiff of snow to fall,  what are you going to do?  It's not as if you can step outside and grab a photo. Fortunately, though you can  create a winter landscape for your purposes with Photoshop. Here are some great tutorials:

Create a Winter Landscape

Change a Summer Picture to Winter

Apply Snow Effects to Your Photos

Turn Any Scene Into a Winter One

Add Falling Snow to a Photo

Create a Winter Wonderland in Photoshop

Transform a Desert into an Ice Castle Wonderland


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