Getting Great Thanksgiving Photos

Tomorrow is the American Thanksgiving.  Families will gather to celebrate this special time of gratitude enjoying the company of loved ones and acknowledging the remaining bounty of blessings that enrich their lives. 

The holiday is portrayed in film with people representing assorted relatives of diverse age and cultural differences as they prepare to, and ultimately descend upon,  the home of the family matriarch and patriarch. There is then the house full to the rafters of guests who congregate in the kitchen, around the laden dining table and in front of the television for football. The interactions are defined by teasing, laughter, love, and, because we're talking made in Hollywood, conflict.

Though the actual storyline might require  a leap of faith, the meaning  of holidays and family is not lost. Certainly there can be disagreements and disputes, but holidays to my way of thinking are amazing. The reason why, comes down to being with the people who know you best and love you anyway.

These special times also provide us with the opportunity to create enduring memories through photographs.  Tips on what pictures to take this Thanksgiving and how to take them can be found at these sites:

Get Great Thanksgiving Photos

Ideas for Family Thanksgiving Photos

Capture Thanksgiving With Your Camera


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