Super Snowboarding Photos

When you live in a climate where you spend a good part of the year in snowboots and toques, it's best to find a way to embrace winter. For me, that means the excuse to cocoon, to get some interior jobs done that are ignored in the summer months, catch up on some reading and relax on snowy evenings with a nice cup of hot chocolate or glass of wine by the fire.

Others, however, interpret that embracing in a more vital way, by heading out to challenge nature and themselves. From snowmobilers to downhill skiers, there are folks who actually look forward to the cold and snow because it provides them with the opportunity to participate in their favourite sport.

A young girl we knew, who had lived in western Canada for several years, returned to her native Ontario home recently. That she came with a snowboard was a given. In a place where mountains are the playground and snow visits for a good part of the year, such activities are what people do out there.

While not for me, the tricks and techniques perfected in her extreme sport are, I'm certain, a real adrenaline rush. Or so it would seem if the people enjoying themselves in this collection of photos from are any indication.


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