Terrific Whitewater Rafting Photos

Each year my husband and I spend a few days in a rustic, though luxurious, cabin on the picturesque French River in northern Ontario.  It's a new travel diversion, spent typically in the company of our daughter, her husband and children, and when it comes to cruising the waters, it's in their boat.

However, while paddling of any kind hasn't been a pastime of ours ever,  each summer that we spend time there we come a little closer to some kayak and canoe lessons so that we might enjoy the beauty of the area on our own.  Even then it's likely our excursions will remain tame,  gentle glides close to shore and in the quiet waters.  At this point in time, I'm fairly certain the rapids will be strenuously avoided.

Not that I don't think it would be fun to take them on. While an adventurous spirit is not part of my makeup, whitewater rafting rather intrigues me. When it comes to the adrenaline rush of extreme sports this is one that I believe I might actually enjoy. 

So who knows, maybe some day down the road, or river I guess would be more apt, I'll give it a shot. But baby steps first of course. I know that I must learn to paddle well before I can run rapids like the thrill seekers in these terrific photos from iPHOTOS.com and Clipart.com


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