Thousands of Winter Landscape Photos

As Christmas decorating around my house takes a bit of time, I decided last night to get the process started. It was a nice way to pass the evening really. As I moved around the room, setting Santas and snowmen in place with greenery and lights, outside snow drifted past the window and blanketed the trees, roads and yards in a fluffy white cover. Couldn't have been more perfect to get me in the mood for the season.

However, this morning was a different story,  as I opened my door to discover that that cover Mother Nature left us with was more like a giant duvet. The snow was up to my calves and higher at the end of my driveway. Areas of town where I walked weren't much better as I ploughed through drifts on sidewalks and plodded across scraped slippery patches. It was most definitely a good cardio workout wending my way to work on this particular morning.

Once safely inside the office, however,  it was easier to find the positive again, to see the beauty of the landscape. The coating of fresh flakes on branches, the dreariness of late autumn bereft of its coat of many colours, now a dazzling white made everything absolutely picture perfect. Just like these gorgeous images from, and  Acclaim Images


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