Tips for Winter Macro Photography

I come from the land of ice and snow and for a person who likes seeing her world through the lens of a camera it can be a pretty amazing place to live.  With sparks of sunlight twinkling on fresh snow,  the landscapes here are a thing of beauty on their own, whether open and spacious farmers' fields or scenic woodlots.

But add in the patterns of winter — footprints cutting a path through an otherwise pristine white carpet, glistening frost on a windowpane, icicles hanging from frosty eaves — and subjects for shutterbugs ready to brave the elements for pretty pictures are many.

Another way to look at winter is close up. The opportunities for great macro shots are abundant. While that row of icicles gracing your home can be photogenic, zooming in on one can be visually interesting in itself.  Perhaps too, you might want to take a new look at those icy puddles in the driveway or at a single leaf frozen in time on a small branch.

For inspiration and guidance here are some wonderful resources for tips and ideas to expand your winter photography horizons:

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