3 Collections of Images for Your Christmas Greetings

One of the nice things about the various options for safely accessing illustrations and photos online is that they are no longer just a resource for those with big budgets but for small businesses and even moms and pops too.  This means that where once certain requirements, such as promotions, business cards or invitations, were handled commercially, now people can create their own quite simply.

With it being the time of year when all thoughts and deeds focus around Christmas, one of the holiday customs where this is appropriate would be the greeting card. While the option of sending electronic messages has some people moving away from the traditional physical mailing,  there are still people on the contact list who might not, though it's hard to believe, own a computer. Creating a few cards for them can be done lickety-split

There are many tutorials online to show you how it's done, but the starting point to achieve it with minimal effort is a great festive background from an online graphic service such as Clipart.comiCLIPART.com or Acclaim Images.  Though there is a slight fee attached, these sites supply you with an endlessly diverse collection of content which you can use without any concern of copyright infringement.

Here's a peek at some Christmas backgrounds available which,  with the addition of  text, will complete a holiday greeting card you'll be proud to send to friends:

Over 5,000 iCLIPART.com Christmas Backgrounds

164 Christmas Backgrounds from Acclaim

11,000 Christmas Card Starters and Elements from Clipart.com


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