45 Lovely Christmas Eve Landscapes

Today is Christmas Eve, probably my favourite day of the year. The time for the busyness of pre-preparation is over, done or not done. The promise of tomorrow morning fills us with anticipation, while the feeling of love and peace is evident.

One of my favourite images when I think of Christmas Eve is a charming house, lights glowing, while the soft, snowy landscape lies peacefully around it. It is a scene of tranquillity.

Sure, inside the place might be different. It could be abuzz with relatives to the rafters, full of lively conversation and boisterous laughter.  It could be a story with different scenes in each room, children running and playing,  adults engaged in entertaining pursuits. In one spot the tree twinkles softly in a corner, in another people crowd around a table where discussions range from the comical to the occasional conflict.

When I am one of those acting out that tale inside, with all the comfort and complexity that means being part of a family, my mind will stray from time to time to how our version of a homey little world looks from outside, as calm and perfect as those in these lovely images from iCLIPART.com


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