8 CorelDRAW Tutorials for Creating Christmas Greeting Cards

To paraphrase a popular idiom, one man's notion of junk is another man's idea of perfection. In our commercial world people have their brand favourites. When you believe profoundly in the merits of a particular product, it can be confounding to see people dedicated to the use of a rival. 

My husband, for example, has never, when it comes to cars, owned anything but a Mopar. Yet, while he can provide a litany of reasons why other brands don't measure up,  other  folks  do the same about the Chrysler family.

Our reasons for preferring one brand over another often has more to do with our specific needs and wants than about what the product can do. Let's face it, generally a car is a car is a car. For me, something reliable with the necessary bells and whistles to improve my driving experience is what I look for. Well, that and a Chrysler because after 35 years I'm a bit brainwashed.

How that romance began for my husband involved the same things I appreciate, but there were also  the style, the history and the company track record considered. Then too, there's the fact that's he's pretty brand loyal and not a fan of change for the sake of change. When he finds something he likes, he usually sticks with it. Good news for me.

The bottom line is that typically if we are happy with a particular company or product we tend to stick with it. That includes the type of image editing software we prefer. Some of the reasons for choosing one over the other could be affordability, familiarity or usability.

This week's blogs have focussed on making your own Christmas greeting cards with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and a free online option, GIMP.  So in the spirit of fair play here are some tutorials for the same project using CorelDRAW:

Create a Holiday Greeting Card

Christmas Card Design

Creating Beautiful Holiday Greeting Cards

Create a Holiday Photo Greeting Card

Creating a Holiday Greeting Card in PainShop Por X5

Creative Christmas Card Design Using Corel X6

A Christmas Card Design

Creating a Pop-Up Christmas Card


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