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Photos of People Relaxing

Last weekend I tried something unusual. I actually found, and more importantly took, a few hours to do nothing but relax. It was Sunday. Waking later in the day after getting to my bed in the wee small hours of the morning, I now figured I was faced with the usual weekend catchup of household chores and obligations with fewer hours to accomplish them. But a quick rundown of what needed to be done,  left me pleasantly surprised. It seemed that after spending Saturday in ultra-efficient mode, I was left with little but laundry, food preparation and dishes. Perhaps, I began to dream, this just might be possible. A glimpse at hubby, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper,  confirmed the decision had been made for him. It was most definitely going to be a Me Day. It was divine. Neither of us can recall the last time, if ever, that we did something like this. Between baskets of dirty clothes and some dishes, we did nothing but read, watch movies and pig out on snacks and wine. This w

Terrific Illustrations for Your Valentine Projects

When it comes to matters of the heart, it's never too soon. Valentine's Day is still weeks away, but thinking of new ways to romance the love of your life can take some planning, preparing and even project work. While researching information for a newsletter recently I came upon this great site from Better Homes and Gardens to  Make Your Own Valentine's Day Gifts   It has a number of unique ideas that offer a personal touch to your Valentine message and won't break the bank. And you can find wonderful graphics, illustrations, photos and fonts to complete, or put your own spin on, them. Online graphics sites such as and Acclaim Images , to name just a couple,  offer budget-friendly, safe options for accessing quality images. These links will show you just a few of their beautiful Valentine's Day collections: Heart Backgrounds Romance Acclaim Images Valentines

Tips for Posing Newborns

A recent 'Tweet' that came my way demonstrated how to pose newborns for charming photographs.  The first thing I noticed really was no surprise to me. It's not easy.  However, given the anticipated arrival this spring of no less than three new additions to our family, my interest was piqued.  A bit of a shutterbug myself, particularly when it comes to snapping pictures of my loved ones, it would certainly be nice if I could do justice to the beauty of these precious little ones we will soon be welcoming. I know there's a big difference between how I photograph a newborn and how the best do it.  But there's always room for improvement. Having seen the professional results of the photographer who snapped our granddaughter a couple of years ago,  I decided to do a little research and get myself educated before our next big events make their debuts. Here are just a few of the informative sites I discovered with tips on posing newborns. One common theme throughou

Adorable Images to Brighten Your Day

Had a bit of a meltdown this morning. Nothing too serious and I'm sure not proud of it, but I think perhaps it might have been due. Running fast forward through the pre- and Christmas seasons,  there was no time to stop and think about much else. Then we  faced the nastiest stuff winter could blow in. It was super nice of it to wait until after the holidays, sure, but there's no distraction now to take our minds off it. Nights are long, mornings are dark, snow has effectively shut us down and a bitter wind chill has dropped temperatures to Arctic levels.  So, it was, while suiting up to head out for work this morning — the only disadvantage to finding employment six blocks from home — that it all came to a head for me. It's the first week in January and I'm done with snow, cold and bleakness. I'm fed up with needing 10 extra minutes each morning to swaddle myself in outerwear. I long to shed socks and shoes and run barefoot in the grass. I'm sick of the co

Winter Transportation

It's been snowing out there, folks. I mean REALLY snowing.  Not that I was aware of how much until I left for work this morning. A glance out the window had, I thought,  provided the evidence I needed to dig out the most protective winter wear I owned, stuff to keep me toasty and dry, nose to toes. Having made the trek out the driveway on foot, however, I soon ascertained that the evidence was misleading. Nothing could protect me from what had fallen, particularly where my lower appendages were concerned. Despite covering the bottom half of my legs, my  footwear was little defence against the hip-high drifts and snow-plowed piles that blocked my path. I'm sure I provided some early morning chuckles for the neighbours as I waded through the buildup of fluffy white flakes, only to find myself  stuck at the end of drive, buried to my bottom. With some effort, and no small amount of giggling on my part too, I managed to extricate myself and with considerable pluck, laboured t