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Finish Your Project With a Flourish

Sometimes, you just need that little extra something.  It's the cherry on the top of your sundae, the dollop of whipped cream in the hot chocolate, the extra old cheese in the omelette that can make the treat complete. Sad, I suppose, that my spontaneous examples were all about food,  because really, this does apply to so many different things in life. Putting that little extra into your studying, into any task you're doing only makes it better.  Creatively, too,  it can be one small facet that takes your work to the next level — that final little tweak to the painting when you stand back for a second look, that slight change to the final chapter of a book, that change to the key of a song. In the graphics world, swirls and flourishes, such as the examples here, enhance projects of all varieties, from digital scrapbooking to advertising. They can be just that little extra something you're looking for. Swirls and Flourishes Swirls and Flo

Tips for Engagement Portrait Photography

The time for this season's weddings to begin is still months ahead.  The time for preparation is most definitely now. Having gone through weddings for four children I remember well what the first part of the nuptials year meant. Booking, appeasing, planning were constant facets of the pre-wedding action. In between there were the extra social events, such as stags, showers and buck and does. One of the earliest things to get out of the way, however, is the official engagement photo session.  Like so many other examples of photography these days, this too has gone far beyond the formal studio poses more familiar to a generation ago. Given the casual air of present society. where jeans will take you just about anywhere, betrothed couples shun the ties and suits, the pantyhose and dresses, for relaxed, natural comfort. For some, the engagement reaches far beyond the two of them. Children from previous marriages might be included, as well as much-loved pets. And rarely do the

Vintage Valentines to Say Be Mine

It's funny what we'll remember from our yesteryears, how images from our earliest days will stick, while we have to be reminded by someone about a discussion that took place a couple of years before. This applies to school as well.  I really find it quite fascinating the pictures in my school treasures memory album that are as vivid as if they were happening that moment.  There was the classmate, whose colouring of maps in geography class were works of art, ones that try as I might (and I did ad nauseum) I could never emulate. I also see quite clearly those colourful dot formations that taught us numbers and counting, the pictures of Dick and Jane seeing Spot run,  and tiny tots rolling out our blankets for kindergarten nap time. Another memorable image is a classroom of little ones creating our special Valentine's Day boxes. This was among the early realizations I had of my inadequate artistic talents. Putting my best effort in, then looking around at the works of ot

Create Valentine's Cards in Photoshop

I'm all about getting personal. At least when it comes to the gifts I give. Unfortunately, any creativity I have is exclusive to short story fiction. Words rolling forth from my imagination I rarely have any trouble with.  While I wish the same could be said for artistic ability the spirit is willing but the know-how is seriously lacking. In all honesty,  I've never really exercised my creative side beyond the scope of literature. Over the years I've said I'd like to try a number of things, from painting to pottery, but never actually followed through for one reason or another. I'll never know I guess if there's a Dali waiting for the opportunity to burst from my fingertips or if I'm the next Josiah Wedgwood. These will quite likely forever remain mysteries now. However, where I can experiment a little with any artistic talent I might possess, is in the realm of online images and/or image editing software, as well as the projects I could make with th

It's Only Fun When You're Young

Well, this area has certainly been living up to its moniker this winter.  The Snowbelt on Saturday was buried again under another deluge of fluffy, white stuff, blown about by gale-force winds. After a break on Sunday we awakened again to more of the same as roads and schools closed.  It's really a miserably cold, inconvenient winter wonderland here. After many winters of come-and-go snow, middle-agers are being  reminded these days of winters past, when banks built to dizzying heights and people knew that a perfect morning could fade out to winter white in no time leaving you stranded for days. I remember a three-hour trip in the late 1970s turning into a three-day adventure, that included a stay with some kind strangers who opened their home to us. I remember my brother's January wedding day in 1971, when 20 of the 300 guests braved the whiteouts and closed roads,  to make it to the church on time and in some cases as white as the world outside.  I recall a harrowing tr