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Today is All About Baby

I'm in a pretty good place these days. First, Canada won two gold medals at the Olympics yesterday in curling and women's hockey. This, of course, is a huge deal, but it was overshadowed significantly by the news that my son's wife had gone into labour. As every grandmother will tell you, nothing registers close to this in the excitement category. After a long, exhausting day and night, mama knows she's soon on her way and I am over the moon. There's little else to hold space in my mind so it's obvious that the collection of images I choose today will be all about baby. Here are the wonderful collections I found, perfect for many projects from wall art to stationery. Baby Illustrations

When Mother Nature Cleans House

It might be April showers that bring May flowers, but as we flow into the final week of February here we are preparing the life rafts for what has been promised to be a rainfall of biblical proportions. Now, I'm not keen on the idea of a flooded basement, or worse, but I wouldn't be sorry to see the depletion of some of this snow that's accumulated this season.  There's been plenty of it; probably about the right amount for our area. Yet without a thaw to bring it down it's wearing on even the most die-hard fans of our Snowbelt winters.  Goodness knows I've complained enough about it in these posts. So,  I think I'll look with as much optimism as possible to today's forecast, at least until the deluge starts. There's something about rain that seems so fresh. It's like Mother Nature's way of taking on the spring cleaning, washing away the detritus, reviving and restoring the landscape to pristine condition. Even the air seems deodorized.

Tantalizing Food Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. So it better be a good one.  Whether a watercolour or a photo portrait, the image it presents conveys a message about the subject and the artist. You want the story it tells to be a good one. The talent and technique adopted can not only do justice to the central topic, but even improve upon it.  Especially with a photograph. I remember seeing a video some time ago on how a fast food chain makes its burgers look camera-ready. You might not want to eat it after (I suppose  you probably shouldn't eat it before either), but it did look delectable. No matter what you're selling, the promotional material for it should present the most attractive image possible. Trying to tempt a person's palate with a poorly-staged picture of what was in reality a tantalizing cheesecake is plain silly. For menus, advertisements and recipe publications, the food on the plate should draw you in as effectively as a bake shop window.  Here are some excelle

A Familly Bond to be Cherished

We enjoyed a wonderful Family Day yesterday. A gathering was hosted by our daughter with all but one of our kids able to make it. The afternoon was spent eating, chatting and watching the entertainment — our 18-month-old granddaughter. I love seeing my children together, love listening to them talk and tease, and most important, laugh.  It is one of my blessings that the four of them get along so well. The interaction is always convivial and for their mother a joy to witness. It makes me sad when I hear of siblings not getting along. Certainly there have been moments with mine, but I really don't ever remember a time when words have been harsh enough to be unforgivable. This family relationship is a special bond, one to be cherished. When others let you down, while friends come and go, where relationships fade or end, the ones who will be there for you, who will have your back are your brothers and sisters. They long ago accepted your foibles and love you in spite of them.