Friday, April 4, 2014

Lovely Wedding Collections from

One of the biggest special editions we did in our community newspaper, during my time there as editor, was the annual Bridal section. The people in our area were the resource for our editorial content. Features on local couples, their engagements, their plans and nuptials were always a highlight for our readers.  After all, everyone loves a wedding.

Our comp department, however, had to reach outside the locale for their advertising designs, with photographs and illustrations from first, good old clipart books, then eventually online resources. The more ads, of course, meant more pages to fill, though. So while we worked hard to come up with original content, sometimes we had to count on canned copy, including pictures to help fill the space.

in the publishing industry, accessing beautiful images these days to enhance a story or ad is simple with the availability of online image resources. Check out these lovely collections from :

Bride and Groom Photos



Wedding Rings

Bridal Flowers

Wedding Cakes

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top Website for Wedding Animations

Here comes the bride,  posing for pictures, floating gracefully down the aisle, strutting happily into the  hall on the arm of her groom following the service. Weddings are all about motion — from the flurry of the preparations, to the quiet actions of the ceremony,  from the congratulatory hugs and kisses,  to the gyrations and snuggling on the dance floor.

From my own nuptials decades ago, to the most recent marriage of our youngest daughter, there have been a lot of weddings to attend in between for my husband and me. Generally, they have been the happiest of occasions, prolonged celebrations that actually began with the engagement.

Unquestionably, among the events we take time to be part of, the marriage between two people is the most extended party there can be.  There is so much excitement in the early planning stages, followed by showers, bachelor and bachelorette shindigs until finally the big day arrives, filled with more activity morning to night than one can imagine. There are last-minute details that must be done,  coiffures, makeup and nails to deal with, all before the real show begins.

In recognition of the busynesss that surrounds the bridal couple, therefore, here are some fun wedding animations from one of the best resources on the web:

AnimationFactory Wedding Clipart

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top Sites for Wedding Illustrations

Wedding planning is an exciting time — fun, but not without its stresses. Deciding on  the right venues, booking a minister, photographer, caterer, entertainment, choosing the dress, the bridal party...  the list of details that need to be addressed is endless.

Somehow, our youngest daughter made this all look easy. I never noticed a time when she was particularly stressed, perhaps because she was clear on what she wanted before the planning even began.  Basically trying to find a dress that suited me was probably the most daunting task we faced.

With stress pretty much taken out of the equation, one of the easiest  tasks we did together was selecting the clipart  she wanted for stationery needs and favours.  The variety available online for a nominal fee to ensure we need have no concerns about copyright infringement, was phenomenal. With a subscription to she was able to find everything she needed to design her own invitations, cards, etc. She even managed to find a bride adorned in a black gown, just as she would be which she used as the decoration for a CD of special music she did for her guests.

It wasn't just straightforward bridal images she was looking for and using keywords such as Victorian, flourish and background, helped.  Which is the trick, of course, when searching on these types of sites. Keywording is a human science and as such you need to try a few options sometimes before you hit on exactly what you need.

Whether you're looking for something for yourself, for your designer, your planner, or if you're a in the wedding business yourself, it's hard to believe you couldn't find what you're looking for on these sites. For today then, here are some of the results we got in our search for wedding images, plus a few from other online resources: Brides

Wedding Flourishes and Backgrounds from Bridal Illustrations Wedding Clipart Wedding Illustrations

ClipartGuide Wedding Images

ClickArt Online Wedding Clipart

Acclaim Images Wedding Clipart

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to Photoshop Your Wedding Pictures

As a photographer, you have just finished shooting another wedding. The bride has come and gone, but after a long day of setting up photos and capturing candid moments,  you know that a lot of the work still remains.

I remember my wedding photos. What the photographer got that day was what I got from him.  He relied on talent and good fortune to achieve the results I saw. There was some playing that could be done in the darkroom, but it was much more difficult in those days to save a less than ideal photo.

Not to mention, the only special effect we could  expect would be some black and white thrown into the colour mix. Melding two images into one, creating a vintage look, adding text or an illustration hadn't been done yet. Nor thought of I expect. It was, after all, in the time long before computers and Photoshop.

Today's brides and grooms see completely different results when they view their wedding photos. Images have been enhanced, technically and artistically. Here are just some of the ways, photographers work their magic after they put the camera down;

Digital Camera World How to Photoshop Wedding Pictures

Photoshop Effects for Wedding Photographers

Hot Photoshop Effects for Wedding Photographer

Understanding Layer Masks in Photoshop

Edit Your Weddng Photos in Photoshop

Best Free Photoshop Actions for Wedding Photography

Monday, March 31, 2014

So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer?

The bridal season will soon be underway and most engaged couples, if they're smart, have the majority of the planning done. As anyone who's been there knows, being organized early can alleviate much of the stress later as final details are worked out and the grunt work begins.

One of the things that's very important is meeting with the wedding photographer to decide on poses that capture the essence of the day and give insight into who the bride and groom are together. While formal bridal party shots, the traditional pictures with parents and images of the actual service are still popular, imagination and spontaneity are also at the forefront.

Our younger daughter studied photography in college and when the time came for her to be married, she  approached that aspect of her wedding as she would were she on the other side of the lens. In hiring a photographer, 'Hugsy' knew exactly what she expected.  From the engagement photos through the big day they worked closely together to develop a rapport and achieved not just a pictorial history of the event, but the type of artistry my girl likes in her photography work.

The poses she wanted were also well thought out. We chuckled at the list she had prepared, but she had absolutely ensured that down the road there would be no remorse discovering someone had been overlooked.

So you think you'd like to be a wedding photographer? Or are you planning the photo memories for your own big day?  Either way, these sites can serve as guides and inspirations:

A Starter's Guide for Wedding Photography

75 Must Have Bride and Groom Picture Ideas

Wedding Photography - Poses and Tips

Picture Perfect Wedding Photos and Candids

22 Wedding Photos Ideas

Basic Poses for Wedding Couples