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Awesome Tutorials for Creating Flowers

How easy it is to draw the simple daisy. A circle, a few loops, and with little effort, or talent for that matter, you have illustrated one of nature's happiest blooms.  A rather authentic, albeit basic, tulip, can be a breeze to achieve too. These are flowers that are this doodler's ultimate artwork. Beyond them, however,  I would never insult Mother Nature by even attempting to copy her handiwork. The satiny layers of a rose, the three-dimensional daffodil, the shadings of a pansy are well beyond the scope of my artistic ability. With pencil and paper that is. What I don't know is what I might be able to manage using image editors. This notion sparked my curiosity and I decided to spend a little time seeking out some tutorials. What I discovered has inspired me and I'm eager to see if it might be possible to turn this doodler into a bit of an illustrator.  One copying another's work, perhaps, but ready to start somewhere. Here then are links to a number of

Beautiful Flower Photos

A beautiful young woman I once knew passed away suddenly as the result of a car crash seven years ago. A journalism student and avid shutterbug, her selfies, portraits and beautiful landscape photos were an inspirational backdrop at her memorial service. The slideshow of her work was a reminder of the importance of recording life — the people we love, the places we admire. When her friends and families were looking to something to preserve and honour her memory it was fitting that they came up with the idea of a photo show. Last Light, opened in Goderich in the spring of 2007 for the first time, featuring one of Sarah's favourite subjects — sunsets. The idea was for a contest and sale with people bidding on entries they liked and the profits going to support Community Living, another of her passions. My daughter and I both won that year, a result that was very special to both of us. The event has evolved in the years since with increased competition and category options. One

Best Flower Animations on the Web

It was one of those running-a-little late mornings, a harried look at the clock letting me know that I had clearly lost track of some time somewhere.  A quick buss on the cheek of my guy and it was out the door and down the walk on fast forward. About a block into my exhilarating strut, however,  I began to become aware of the fact that this was a beautiful morning. A clear blue sky lit by the rising sun warmed me. The chirrups and tweets of the early birds brought the first music to my day. My pace inadvertently slowed as I looked around me, absorbing the pleasing sensations created by sight and sound. The only thing missing was the landscape-brightening colours of spring. With two feet of snow still lying dirty and tenaciously in many places, the sight of early season flowers seems a long way off yet. When they finally burst through my morning walks on days such as this one will be complete. Nothing brings the world to life more than colourful blooms. If they aren't quite r

The Absolute Blooming Best Sites for Flower Illustrations

At this time of year, when you're in the market for illustrations to decorate blogs, websites, or advertisements, etc., the starting point could just quite likely be a flower. We're all so ready to see them. And nothing says spring more than the blooms that begin to poke their head through the dirt. They're cheerful, bright and beautiful,  perfect images to denote the rebirth and awakening we experience after a long winter. Interestingly, too, is how many other times they can be the go-to picture for a project. The romance exemplified by a rose is perfect for Valentine's Day greetings, anniversary and engagement salutations, or wedding stationery.  Shower cards and invitations are given a breezy character with smiling daisies. The elegant lily conveys messages of sympathy and inspiration. They can be an adornment to a plain background, a frame to border a message or picture or the decoration to complete a work of art. And all kinds of them can be found on thes

How to Photograph Flowers

Finally, we're seeing the end of the snow. The rivers are rushing as the last of winter is washed away by warm showers and rising temperatures.  Soon, the barren landscape will be freshened with greening lawns, and gardens will come alive.  When the flowers bloom, you will want to be ready with your camera.  It's a great pastime to capture images to tide you over when winter once again paints the world with a monochromatic palette. Last year, after a few dismal showings, I was thrilled to see that my hydrangeas were going to go blooming crazy this time. Given that our well-shaded property makes it challenging to get the most out of my flowers, to see these plants full of large lush blossoms was a definite delight, so I made sure to get some photographs. While the results were fine, however, they weren't nearly as picture perfect as the real thing. Doing justice to Mother's Nature's artwork takes more than pointing and shooting a camera. I have done a little se