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Great Tutorials for Easter

By the time this weekend's over Easter will be behind us for another year.  We will have tucked away the decorations, discovered all the eggs (we hope), enjoyed the company of family and, if you're a child  or child at heart,  crammed in as much chocolate and sweets as possible. On the professional side the need for images has passed as well, with promotional materials now redundant. The bunnies and baskets we used to decorate blogs and websites will have been replaced for something more timely. But today being the last before the long holiday weekend, I thought it might be fun to find some Photoshop and Illustrator projects suitable for the occasion. These can be tucked away, played with and perfected for next year's projects. Create Easter-Themed Collage Easter Wallpaper Illustration Easter Bunny and Egg Spring Scene Create and Easter Postcard Draw an Easter Egg Draw a Cartoon Rabbit

Looking for the Easter Bunny?

I'll be honest. I never quite understood the concept behind the Easter Bunny. Granted if we were looking for the cutest critter to transport and hide eggs for little ones to discover, we can't do much better than an adorable fluffy rabbit. However, if that's the only criteria wouldn't a kitten or lamb have worked as well? Though, I suppose the former might be a little too playful to take the job seriously and the lamb would need someone to follow. When I started to give some serious consideration to this, my mental musings took me on the path of spring, the season when we celebrate this holiday, and a time of rebirth in nature. Curious as to whether or not I had actually hit on something with this train of thought, I did a little digging and found this interesting fact on LatinTimes website: "Curious what the Easter bunny has to do with Easter? According to the University of Florida's Center for Children's Literature and Culture, the Easter bunny d

Best Easter Egg Hunt Photos

There is nothing more fun on Easter than the annual egg hunt. Little tots, baskets in hand, searching under shrubs and behind buildings, beneath sofas and inside cupboards for those pretty pastel ovals are a delight to watch. Speed in their tiny steps, smiles in their discoveries, they bounce randomly from space to space hopeful and happy. I loved watching my kids dashing around the yard, vying to see who could discover and gather the the greatest collection.  When the older two decided they were too big for the activity, it was interesting to note how very little time it took before they jumped into the fun to 'help' their younger sister and brother. It became a lively competition of boys against girls, or the first-born of each age group against the younger of each, depending on the year.  Either way, their father and I cheered them on. And then it stopped. For a few years, with adult kids and no grandbabies we were relegated to watching the neighbourhood tots scramble fr

Where to Find Religious Illustrations for Easter

The countdown for Easter begins. While for many it's all about the Easter bunny, egg hunts and chocolate, the season is one deeply rooted in religious belief and faith.  In Christianity it is the holiest of holidays marking the time leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection. Growing up with two parents quite involved in the church our family rarely ever missed a service. On this week in particular, attendance at church was frequent and mandatory, from Ash Wednesday through Lent to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and finally Easter morning services.  As a child, not fully comprehending the significance, of course, what was most exciting for me was the new outfit, the dinner at my grandparents with my cousins following church,  and the goodies.  Through time, however, I came to recognize the importance of the occasion to devout Christians. It is appropriate, therefore, as we head into Holy Week that our collection of illustrations for today focus on the