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Super Sites With Fabulous Fonts

People are different. We differ in personality and therefore in our styles and our tastes. What appears to be a thing of beauty in the eyes of one beholder might very well be an abhorrence in the eyes of another.  What might be a source of entertainment or amusement to a friend, could have you raising a quizzical eyebrow. As a matter of fact, it was with a bit of an uplifted brow and head shake that I listened to a colleague discussing what excites her most when it comes to graphic designing.  She loves fonts and all I could ask is why. See, for me, everything begins with the words and phrases, followed by the selection of the best illustration(s) to enhance the entire project. Just slapping the two together doesn't cut it either, so there is a good deal of satisfaction discovered in trying to create as much impact as possible when combining the two. Unfortunately, very little time is spent in selecting the font. Much like my disinterest in shoes, which often results in my