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Where to Find Religious Illustrations

Inspiration drives us creatively. The artist is inspired by the scene of children in a garden to replicate it with watercolours. A word or phrase inspires the songwriter to compose, the author to write.  It comes as a flare, a moment of brilliance. Inspiration is also what's behind much of what we do in a practical sense. We are inspired by something we hear or see to take up a new hobby, to remodel the bathroom, to take on a challenge. It comes as a flash of light, a eureka moment. For many though, when they think of the word inspirational it is of a divine nature. It is a gentle guiding light, a spiritual beacon shining on religious values. Though these may be varied, they are united in the belief of a higher power, and in their purpose as the followers of that omnipotence. It was this notion of faith and its presence in our diverse society that inspired me today to seek out religious illustrations. These collections are perfect for church projects, Sunday and Bible schoo

How to Create a Motivational Poster

Sometimes we need a little inspiration for our projects. Other times we might just be thinking instead of creating a project that is a little inspirational. We've all seen, perhaps for some ad nauseam, those posts on social media — words of wisdom, common adages and motivational quotes laid across a gorgeous image of nature or something symbolic.  The majestic mountains, the impressive waterfall or awesome sunset, the powerful,  the physical challenge, the sense of calm assurance,  these all draw attention to the intent. Because,  of course, to quote another old adage,  a picture is worth a thousand words. With the inundation of these motivational posters across the internet,  they admittedly often only get a cursory glimpse from me. But the odd time, whether it's the particular picture used to enhance the words or the message itself, something catches my attention and it has the desired effect, whether I feel a little less gloomy, a little more optimistic or a little be

How to Find Photography Inspiration

It's a given that at some point while sitting at my desk day in and day out, I will be looking for inspiration to fill this space. As outlined at the top of my blog,  the goal is to offer education and tidbits on the world of images, as well as  glimpses of some of the best clipart and photos online. The plan for me since starting this has been to keep the dialogue light and easy, prattling on about simple things, which ultimately are tied back in to the primary focus. In turn, I hope, too, to give readers one-stop-shopping for related informative sites that I have taken the time to research and collect in one place.  With this admittedly convoluted approach, inspiration has been an integral element. One of the things that has helped is focussing on a theme for the week, settling on one particular word and designing my thoughts and topics around it for each day.  Thus it was, that in looking for inspiration this week it actually became my focus —  inspiration and how it can b

Who Has Groovy Illustrations?

There's a promise I've made to myself many times. The reason I do it over and over,  is that it's a really good one and I for some strange reason can't seem to remember that.  Every once in a while, therefore, when I feel things spinning a little out of control, it comes to mind again and I make a conscious effort to fulfil it. The promise? Slow down, look around and take all the time in this world that I have to enjoy my life. It's not that I'm a workaholic, or an extreme Type A personality. But I do feel rather driven to achieve and accomplish.  If there are dishes to be done, then done they must be. My calendar tends to fill with obligations and events I just can't ignore. Sitting to enjoy a book can overload me with guilt as there is always much to do.  As a result, stopping to smell those incredible roses is not done as often as it should be. All of this often unnecessary busyiness seems to gain momentum until suddenly I find myself feeling like

3 Top Sites with Photos to Inspire You

Waking up to a perfect summer morning, after a terrific weekend can certainly have a body feeling good.   Life, however, has a way of shaking things up, and it doesn't take long before something happens to bring you back to earth. Staying positive can sometimes be a challenge amidst all the stuff that likes to get in the way of perfection.  Just listening to the news can add a lot of stress to a day. Throw in work, family dramas and other little mishaps and occurrences and staying in the moment and appreciating it for all it's worth can take a great deal of focus. To keep thinking happy thoughts and stay optimistic, even those days when it's asking a lot of a person, there are many practices and activities, from meditation to recreation, to daily quotes and inspirations to help.  Social media sites are full of these guiding lights, pat messages of truths we should know but often forget to remember. If you've got a positive message to share and need a beautiful b